Fox International TB1 Big Style Fishing Spod

The TB1 is designed to introduce large quantites of bait to all ranges with superb efficiency. This radical bait rocket design incorporates patented concepts which make bait delivery more effective than ever before.

Durable high impact moulded body with fins for stability in flight. The aerodynamic profile has been CAD engineered for maximum casting efficiency and accuracy.

48 Teardrop Vents – the size, number and shape have been incorporated specifically to provide ease of retrieve and rapid bait discharge on impact with the water.

The TB1 takes just seconds to invert and deposit a full load making spodding large quantites of bait faster and easier than ever before.  Highly buoyant and extremely durable Patented full and half cylinder inserts with push button fit.

Designed to blank off the vents allowing water to be added for casting weight or very wet mixes to be spodded without undue bait loss.

  • Retreival is smooth and trouble free.
  • This keeps constant pressure on the line, preventing wind knots and crack offs when casting.
  • Patented interchangeable screw fit noses in fluoro orange, fluoro yellow and black for high visibility in all conditions.

admin August 31, 2013 Fishing Equipment