Ironmind Grippers

You can improve your grip strength by training with the ironmind grippers. Improving your grip strength is beneficial for many outdoor activities, including walking and climbing. The captains of crush grippers come in 4 Strengths.

  • Captains of crush – Number 1
  • Captains of crush – Number 2
  • Captains of crush – Number 3
  • Captains of crush – Number 4

Jumping from some of the levels can be quite difficult – so to make progression more achievable ironmind released, some bridging levels, the 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5.

Once you can crush an number 3 you can become ironmind certified and get yourself on the hall of fame – very few make it to this level because of the difficulty of crushing these grippers and only 5 people in the world have managed to close a number 4 gripper.

The ironmind grippers are considered to be the gold standard of grippers, and you can tell with the quality of the build and how long lasting these grippers are.

Training with the ironmind Grippers

It is recommended to have 3 pairs of grippers.

1) A warm up Set – This will help get the blood flowing to the muscles and prevent injury from jumping straight into your working set by stretching the ligaments and muscles.

2) A Working Set – Your working set you should be working up to at least 3 sets of 6 crushes, at this point your goal set will become achievable. (if not before!)

3) A Goal Set – The name gives it away. The one you are working towards. You should attempt to try and close this each time you train – keep at it and one day you will.

How Much & Where to Buy

The Ironmind Captains of crush are around £25 each (but worth every penny!).





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